Goal Setting For Party Businesses

How to set goals you’ll actually achieve for your party business!

My completely regular idea that’s going to completely change how I set and achieve my goals in 2020muahahahahahahahahah! 🦹‍♂️

“Now that I own the building I’m looking for new sources of revenue. And a daycare center? Muahahahahahahahaha…Well I guess it’s not an evil idea, it’s just a regular idea, but there’s no good laugh for a regular idea.”
– Dwight Shrute (The Office)

Setting goals is important, BUT… I’m setting mine very very differently this year!


Before I share what I’m doing different, I need to first share what the problem was with the way I was doing it before…


Every year I’d sit down to set my “goals”, but I wasn’t really setting “goals”, I was just stating my desired OUTCOMES that I didn’t have full control over.


What I should have been doing is focusing my goal setting on the actions that are 100% within MY control.  This way I can actually achieve my goal… quickly! Then I could use it to build momentum and ultimately work toward the desired outcome I want.


This year, I’m following a simple 3-Step Process:

  • Define your desired OUTCOME
  • List the main ACTIONS required
  • Define an actionable GOAL that’ll move the needle

I can’t remember where I first learned this method or who to credit for it, but I parked it in the recesses of my mind and now is the time to bust it out, muahahahahahahahaha!

Before I continue, I should mention that I’ve created a simple worksheet with more details on the process above to help me figure out and write down my goals.  I’ll share it with you so you can use it to if you want. Click here to get your copy.

Here are more details on those 3 steps above though…

🚀 STEP 1.  Define your desired OUTCOME

  • Focus on ONE big outcome you’d like to achieve that’ll get the momentum going for all other outcomes you may also want to achieve

    EG:   Instead of  “Increase profits by $50,000”, try “Increase weekly leads by 10 extra leads per week.”
  • Reframe your desired outcome to be more specific and definitive.  You should have a clear moment where you can say: “YAY!! I did it!” and celebrate.  Let’s face it, when you get those 10 extra leads, you know what you’ll want? 10 MORE LEADS!  But that leads to an endless cycle that will feel incredibly unsatisfying and will be demoralizing over time.

    EG:  Instead of “Increase weekly leads by 10 extra leads per week”, try “I have 30 leads every single week”. 

🚀 STEP 2.  List the main ACTIONS required

  • Make a list of all the main actions you can take to achieve your desired outcome
  • Sequence your list in chronological order
  • Identify which actions, if any, are frequent actions (daily, weekly, monthly)

🚀 STEP 3.  Define one actionable GOAL that’ll move the needle

  • Now you have a list of actions, but a list of actions that’ll never get done is useless!
  • Pick / Create ONE main action that’ll move the needle every day and get you closer to your desired outcome.

    EG:  “Start my day at 9am, every day, with 30-mins of creating organic and paid social media posts and ads.”
  • This is an action that’ll move the needle.  An action that is within your control. A GOAL you can achieve (–and it’ll help you achieve your desired outcome too!)

As mentioned above, I created a more detailed guide and worksheet (with a full sample filled out).  If you want a copy just fill out the form below 💪

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