12 Things You Should Stop Doing

12 Things you should stop doing, so you can free up your time and grow your party entertainment business!

1. Stop sitting by your computer / phone, waiting so you can instantly respond to requests ☎
Sure, if you’re available answer the call/email/text.  I know that conversions rates to book birthday parties go up significantly if you catch someone in the moment.  BUT… every now and then, you have important work to do that’s even more important than answering that one call/email/text.  That said, make sure your voicemail message and/or email auto response makes it super clear to the potential client exactly what the next steps are and when they’ll hear back from you.

2. Stop doing it all manually and avoiding automation 🤖

For me, putting the right automation in place for my party business lifted such a tremendous weight off my shoulders and mind!  I was no longer worrying about all the little, tiny annoying things that had to get done. Instead I freed up my mind power to focus on the BIG things that will drive my business forward and that’s when I experience serious growth. With the right booking system most of the hard work can be done for you automatically!

3. Stop putting your personal needs aside 🏋️‍♀️

I’ve asked this question before, but I’ll ask it again… Which do you think is better for your kids entertainment business:   You spending 50% of your time working at 100% effectiveness OR you spending 150% of your time at 0% effectiveness.  Go on… run the numbers if you’d like.

4. Stop avoiding the numbers 📈

Are you 100% sure you aren’t wasting your time on things that aren’t actually generating great results for you?  Maybe your best results are out there waiting for you, but you’re too focused on something else! There’s something called the Pareto Principle.. It’s also known as the 80-20 rule.  Basically it says that 80% of your results will come from only 20% of your actions. So are you spending your time wisely on the top 20% of your actions or are you wasting too much time on the other 80%??  Be on top of your numbers and you’ll know for sure.

5. Stop wasting time on your time wasters ⏲❌

We all have our own brand of time wasters.  You know, those things you do and pretend like you need to be doing them, but really it’s just to avoid the other thing that you REALLY need to do and are avoiding for some reason.  If you find yourself tweaking your website for the 1000th time, or fixing up that graphic you’ll use for one social media post for hours on end, or spending hours crafting the perfect email you’re only sending to one person anyway, etc.  Self-evaluate, figure out what your time wasters are and set a timer for yourself next time you start one of them to be sure you don’t let time get away from you again!

6. Stop blaming everyone and everything else 👉 😳 👈

Stop wasting your brain power worrying about everything and everyone else.  The algorithm! My undercutting competitors! I have unreliable staff! Everyone copies my ideas!

Focus on the actions YOU can take to drive things forward for your children’s entertainment business.  Do it well and everything else will fall into place.

7. Stop trying to be everything to everyone instead of niching down 💏

When you niche down, you specialize.  You also become crystal clear on who you are targeting, how to target them, and how to service them better than anyone else can.  This saves time. This saves money. This drives growth for event businesses and entertainers, possibly faster than any other strategy!

8. Stop thinking about tactics and start focusing on strategy 🚀

Stop looking for the one magic bullet.  It doesn’t exist. The party businesses that come out on top always start with a view of the big picture.  Then, they figure out the little pieces that connect together to make it happen. When you look at things piece by piece, things get disjointed and MUCH harder to run properly.

9. Stop focusing on desired outcomes instead of actionable goals 🎯

Reframe your goals from desired outcomes (e.g. I want to make $50,000) to actionable steps you can take (e.g. I will reach out to 1 new potential strategic partner, every day)

10. Stop taking your employees for granted, but also stop letting them call the shots 🙌

Your staff and entertainers do a lot for you and your business.  Take a pause, thank them, show them appreciation, give them MORE responsibility.  They may surprise you! But, also… stop letting them walk all over you and call the shots, it’s hurting your business.

11. Stop forgetting there are both ups and downs in business  👍⬆🎢⬇👎

Just because things aren’t going perfectly right this very moment, doesn’t mean you’re running a bad entertainment business.  Just because you’re on an upswing doesn’t mean you can take a break from pushing forward either.

12. Stop yourself from plateauing,  invest in yourself 💃🕺

The day you stop trying to get better is the day you start getting worse.

Party on!!

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