How to get way more engagement on social media without the extra work

If you want to turn your social media followers into paying customers, there is ONE key factor you absolutely can’t afford to ignore.

It’ll be the difference between a booming social media account that generates revenue for your business… versus an account that is just a giant waste of time and energy.

The key is… ENGAGEMENT.

With it, you’ll thrive.
Without it, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn a simple way to get waaay more engagement by posting the right kind of posts at just the right time.  I’ll teach you the 4 different types of social media posts, with examples of each. Plus we’ll go over how often to use each different type so that you can maximize engagement without putting in a ton of extra work.

Applying these principles has made all the difference for me over the years.  It took me a looooong time to figure this trend out, but once I did, it was like getting the keys to the kingdom and I never looked back.

I still use these strategies today, and quite frankly, I don’t see that changing any time soon. 

I’m excited to share these secrets with you today. So, let’s dig in…

Why is engagement so critical?

Well, social media platforms, like Facebook, reward posts and accounts with high engagement by showing them to even more people. 

The reason for this is actually pretty simple.  

Facebook wants its users to spend as much time on their platform as possible.  

The best way to do that is to give the people what they want.

And one key metric in figuring out if content is “good” enough to show to more people is the engagement it gets.

Have you noticed that there are pages you’ve liked that you never ever see showing up on your timeline? 

That’s because you haven’t engaged with them in a while. So, the algorithm learns, and adjusts.

It truly is a case of the rich get richer.

So, how does this apply to us as children’s entertainers??

Well the BIGGEST MISTAKE I see people making is that they only ever put up promo posts. These aren’t typically very engaging.  Particuarly for a service that I’m only likely to be interested in purchasing at one specific time of the year!

So, you’ve got to feed your audience with content they’ll find engaging, all-year-round.

It boils down to this… there are 4 different types of social media posts.

The 4 different types of social media posts for party businesses:

  1. Garbage posts (not about you and not of high value to your followers)
  2. Promo posts (about you but not of high value to your followers)
  3. Value posts (not about you but they are of high value to your followers)
  4. Perfect posts (about you AND of high value to your followers!!)

For most people, 90+% of their posts are Promo Posts.

This isn’t a good way to keep people engaged. Especially for kids entertainers and party businesses.


Simple. Of all the people you’d describe as your ideal clients, only SOME of them are interested in planning a party right now. Likely, less than 10% of them in fact!

So that means, that most of your Promo Posts are of absolutely no value to 90% of your followers.

If they don’t see it as valuable, then they won’t engage. And, as you know, engagement is the key!!

Good news, the solution is simple!

Just replace a bunch of your current Promo Posts with Value/Perfect Posts moving forward and your engagement will sky-rocket!

If you haven’t already done so… watch the video above where I explain the different post types and give examples for each. 

I even break down for you the ideal frequency you should have for each post type. Generally speaking though, only about 25-35% of your posts should be Promo Posts… The rest should be Value / Perfect Posts. And, please, never ever ever put up Garbage Posts!

Now you know the 4 different types of social media posts and how to balance them out.

If you want to have a social media plan that hits just the right balance without even having to think about what to post, then you should check out the Social Media Content Planner for Kids Entertainers that I’ve put together.

It’ll give you a full calendar of ideas with a new post idea on each day of the calendar year.

Party on!!

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