How to plan and schedule your Social Media content in less than 1-hour per week

In the party business, staying on consistent on social media is critical!  Because out of all the people out there who could be a client of yours, only some of them are thinking about a party right now!  Which means you have to work hard to stay top of mind all year round.

To do that, you better have a solid and consistent social media and marketing plan.

That can get really time consuming… but it doesn’t have to be.

Today I’m going to share my 3-step process for getting my social media content planned and posted in less than 1-hour per week!


The simplest way to start is with a Weekly Plan.

For example,

Monday = Inspirational Videos
Tuesday = Fun conversations / Polls
Wednesday = Business Promotion
Thursday = Behind the Scenes
Friday = Funny Friday (pics / GIFs / Memes / videos)
Saturday = Success Stories & Reviews
Sunday = Day off

Then, layer on top of that a unique theme for every month or week of the year. Once you have your themes, you simply adjust your content to match the theme of the month, but sticking with the post type for each day of the week. Watch the video embedded above to see me create a plan from scratch!


Once you’ve organized your plan and selected your themes, create a new document for theme. This will be a place to save any and all ideas that relate to this specific theme as they come to you.

In Facebook, you can also “save” posts and organize them into different “collections” that you create. A collection is like a folder on your computer. I recommend creating a new collection for each theme you identified as well. This way you will have two content buckets for each theme. One document for you to type ideas as they occur to you AND a collection of relevant saved posts on Facebook.

Imagine the time this will save when you sit down to create your posts! Your plan tells you what topic to focus on. Then you open up those content buckets and pick and choose.

Maybe this’ll take LESS than an hour each week!!


The last step is to pick a day of the week where you will schedule your posts for the next week. I like to do this on Fridays, but go with whatever works for you!

Watch the video embedded above to see exactly how you can schedule posts on Facebook.

Scheduling ensures you are ahead of the game, but also makes it so that social media content isn’t something that needs to be on your mind EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!


Check out the Social Media Content Planner I created specifically for kids entertainers and party businesses. It is a full year calendar with 365 social media ideas planned and mapped out for you!

You got this! Party on!!

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