Live Stream KEY Ingredients

(FREE TRAINING) Two KEY Ingredients for Live Stream Events Designed to Turn Viewers Into Clients

In a previous training we already covered how you can get a…
How to get way more viewers for your live streams

(FREE TRAINING) How to get MORE VIEWERS for your free Live Streaming Events

If you run (or are thinking of running) free live streaming…
4 reasons your free live streams aren’t getting you more paying clients

4 reasons your free live stream shows aren’t getting you more paying clients

Free Live Streams work. But, they don’t work if you don’t do them the right way. There are 4 main reasons why your free live streams aren’t successfully converting into paying clients.
50 Social Media Ideas - for Kids Entertainers

50 Social Media Ideas you can steal – for kids entertainers!

The first step to taking control of your social media so that it isn’t so stressful and time consuming is to brainstorm a list of content post ideas. Here's 50 Social Media posts ideas that get engagement -- Please steal these!
Convert Website Visitors into Paying Party Clients

How-to convert way more website visitors into paying party clients!

Learn the 2 reasons why your website isn't generating more sales for your party business AND what you can do to turn it around!
How Party Businesses can get way more social media engagement

How to get way more engagement on social media without the extra work

Engagement on social media is the key to online success. With it, your social media accounts will turn followers into paying customers. Without it, you'll be wasting time and energy. The good news... the solution is actually quite simple!
Social Media Planning in less than 1 hour

How to plan and schedule your Social Media content in less than 1-hour per week

In the party business, staying on consistent on social media is critical! But it can be really really time consuming if you aren't careful. Follow this 3-step process to get your content done in less than 1-hour per week.
Social Media Sins Party Businesses Must Avoid

6 Social Media Sins Party Businesses Are Making

If social media just feels like a huge time waster to you and you are seeing little return on the effort you are putting into it, then you might be committing one of these Social Media sins.
Social Media Stats for Party Businesses

22 Eye Opening Social Media Stats for Birthday Party Businesses

Social Media can and should be a driving force behind the growth of your birthday party business. If you aren't convinced, check out these 22 eye opening stats!
5 Email Tips to Take Control of Your Inbox

5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Take Control of Your Email Inbox

If you feel like you’re a slave to your email inbox…Or, if you worry that if you don’t respond to emails instantly then you’ll lose clients…Or, if you just can’t keep up with the emails coming in…Then check out these 5 ridiculously simple ways to take control of your email inbox!